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LIGANOVA | Press | Green Campaign Cycle®: LIGANOVA launches initiative for more sustainability in retail


Green Campaign Cycle®: LIGANOVA launches initiative for more sustainability in retail

LIGANOVA’s retail experience experts are supporting companies and brands in making their appearance and retail campaigns more sustainable in the future. To this end, the company is cooperating with the leading expert organization DEKRA, among others.

Stuttgart, April 14, 2021 – Beginning with the development of sustainable ideas in the design phase, to the use of environmentally friendly materials, and all the way to resource-saving rollouts and recycling: LIGANOVA’s brand & retail experiences experts want to make retail campaigns more sustainable in the future. To do so, the company has launched the initiative Green Campaign Cycle® to provide brands and companies with proactive and holistic support for their product staging at the point of sale.

“Sustainability efforts in the retail sector must address all touchpoints in the customer’s journey: from ideation to design to implementation and rollout. Using our measurability solution, KPIs become more transparent in the sustainability decision-making process,” said Torsten Dietz, Managing Director Global POS Campaigns. The heart of the Green Campaign Cycle® and the basis for more sustainable decisions is a carbon footprint for projects. This involves measuring the CO2 emissions of campaigns along the value creation cycle in order to not only gain an overview but also to monitor the environmental impact.

LIGANOVA has now brought on board DEKRA, Germany’s leading sustainability expert organization, as a close partner and independent authority. “Transparency and information are key when it comes to setting and achieving sustainability goals. With LIGANOVA’s data-based approach, the CO2 impact of projects can be accurately measured. This allows for fact-based and sustainable decisions,” said Peter Paul Ruschin, Head of Sustainability Services, DEKRA.

Using standardized methods, LIGANOVA evaluates and analyses the emissions of the different project phases of a campaign, including material procurement, manufacturing, distribution, use and end-of-life, and makes these findings available in a user-friendly dashboard. An EcoRetail database contains the decisive emission factors for all necessary processes in retail marketing – ranging from common materials and electricity consumption to shipping emissions. By linking these data sets to campaign rollout data, retail experts can visualize the impact of all decisions in quantified metrics and offer sustainable alternatives. For its client adidas, LIGANOVA is currently implementing a campaign that was developed according to the principles of the Green Campaign Cycle® and is therefore fully CO2 compensated.

As part of the Green Campaign Cycle® initiative, the company cooperates not only with DEKRA but also with the renowned Fresenius University of Applied Sciences, which provides advice in areas concerning innovation & design, as well as with the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

Further information on the Green Campaign Cycle® website.

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