Phygital Experience Cube

Ever-changing AR Artwork


To welcome the new year and even an entirely new decade, we’ve developed our “Phygital Experience Cube” – a beautiful design piece that reveals a one-of-a-kind AR artwork.

Will global communities and shared experiences become more important than ever? Or will we cocoon into small groups of family and friends, putting the focus fully on cohesion? How do you think our social behavior will evolve?

Our ever-changing AR experience visualizes the question about the development of our social behavior ‘Community OR Cocooning?’. Framed by this wording, the iridescent cubes symbolize the diversity of people within a society and move as they absorb colors from their surroundings, forming groups of different sizes. With time passing by, the appearance of the cubes will change, just like our society does: Its development being steadily in movement. Captivating, isn’t it?

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