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LIGANOVA | White Paper | Tech follows function

We strive for innovation and defining the status quo – thus keeping track with market developments is one of our core competencies. In order to stay up-to-date and to offer the best customized solutions to our clients, our strategy experts are always on the lookout for the newest trends. Our White Papers offer our community the opportunity to get the newest, exclusive insights into the world of retail.

Together, we tackle burning questions about emerging trends and innovations and provide strategic solutions to implement them in your business – all summed up in our White Papers. Come and get a closer look at the topics we’ve already covered.


Digital and interactive displays: A strategic framework for selecting the right solution. Digital signage is a widely used means of making physical retail space more engaging and interactive. Especially in recent years , investment has been shifting towards tech that makes physical stores smarter, as it attracts an increasing number of customers and inspires their purchasing decisions. Such solutions also promise to link brick-and-mortar retail stores and e-commerce and are thus becoming more and more popular amongst retailers.

LIGANOVA | White Paper | Tech follows function

Our strategy experts had a deep dive into the development of digital and interactive displays, tackling interesting case studies and different implementation methods – and summarized them in the white paper “Tech follows function: Digital and interactive displays”.

The white paper also includes a framework for typologizing digital and interactive displays to help Marketing and Retail Managers better understand the wide range of technical and content options available in order to link them to their specific needs.

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LIGANOVA | White Paper | Post-Corona Consumerism


Tackling the question what reality will look like when we emerge from the current crisis, our strategy experts developed contrasting scenarios that outline how we will live, shop, work and travel together in the future.

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