»The phygital world«

We had two very inspiring days and lots of good energy at our 11th LIGAconvent at our headquarters – see for yourself!

This was outstanding: At our two-day confestival we’ve connected our community on one single platform – we heard inspiring stories, discovered new unique perspectives, danced to our favorite beats, and simply had the best time on our campus!

Today we’re more connected than ever – within our community, to things, and to the whole world around us. But what does it really mean when “physical” & “digital” become one?

At our 11th LIGAconvent, we explored this exciting new era and dived into the phygital world. Our program included mind-blowing keynotes, interactive work and knowshops, live music sessions and creative happenings.


Get inspired: See for yourself our “best of” selection of impressions & speakers!

Alexander Schlaubitz

VP Marketing, Lufthansa

In 2013 Alexander Schlaubitz joined Lufthansa as Vice President of Marketing, in charge of the German airline’s entire marketing activities. In our high-speed digital world, his main focus right now is achieving a perfect blend of empathy, technology, and creativity, and constantly improving the customer experience.

LIGANOVA | XI LIGAconvent | The phygital world | Alexander Schlaubitz
LIGANOVA | XI LIGAconvent | The phygital world | Ema Šimurda

Ema Šimurda

Founder & Managing Director, GOOD BANK

Formerly a model and marketing strategist, Ema Šimurda was inspired to make a change, and in 2016 created the unique and modern zero-kilometer dining experience, GOOD BANK, where you can watch your salad grow in a vertical indoor farm before your eyes. Right now, Ema is focusing on transforming the innovative restaurant into a food brand.

Chris Precht

Architect & Designer

Architect and designer Chris Precht is co-founder of Precht, an architecture studio in the mountains of his native Austria. His work focuses on low-carbon buildings that incorporate natural materials, areas for gardening, and authenticity driven by cultural context. His talk with Oke Hauser from MINI Livable Cities will feature insight into how a new generation of architects can find solutions for an ever-growing population and design a future we all want to live in.

LIGANOVA | XI LIGAconvent | The phygital world | Chris Precht
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LIGANOVA | XI LIGAconvent | The phygital world | Moon Ribas

Moon Ribas

Cyborg Artist

Catalan avant-garde artist and cyborg activist Moon Ribas has been exploring the boundaries of perception and experimenting with the union between technology and her body since 2007. She is best known for developing an online seismic sensor implanted in her feet that allows her to perceive earthquakes taking place anywhere in the world, in real time, which she then translates on stage as part of a unique dance or sonic performance.

Reinis Spaile

Film Director & Co-Founder, Ezera Skanas

Having been awarded the coveted title of Best New European Film Director, Reinis Spaile has established himself as a commercial director working for Nike, airBaltic, Samsung, IKEA, Toyota and many others. Simple and honest, his works garner brand loyalty by telling human stories with a strong message. He’s also the cofounder of Lake Sounds festival (Ezera Skanas), an innovative multisensory event that got us very excited just from looking at the website!

LIGANOVA | XI LIGAconvent | The phygital world | Reinis Spaile
LIGANOVA | XI LIGAconvent | The phygital world | Julian Horx

Julian Horx

Artist and Thinker

Part of a family of famed futurologists, Julian Horx is an artist and thinker, and student of university College London, where he explores the science of game theory, complexity and cultural theory, as well as the relationships between art and science. A skilled painter, Julian creates mesmerizing visualizations of future topics; over the course of the two days he will produce a live painting, and be available for one-to-ones throughout the event.

Céline Flores Willers

Tech, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Scout

Céline Flores Willers combines beauty and brains, having been crowned Miss Universe Germany in 2018 AND named a top LinkedIn influencer across the DACH region. An expert in strategic communications, she reports regularly on innovation, tech trends, and entrepreneurship; and on our stage will talk specifically about personal branding and how to create brand ambassadors within a company.

LIGANOVA | XI LIGAconvent | The phygital world | Céline Flores Willers
LIGANOVA | XI LIGAconvent | The phygital world | Joachim Sauter

Joachim Sauter

Co-Founder, ART+COM

A graduate of Berlin’s UdK and DFFB, Joachim Sauter been working as a media artist and designer for over three decades. From the outset, he’s focused on digital technologies and how they can be used to express content, form, and narration. Fueled by this interest, he founded ART+COM in 1988 together with other artists, designers, scientists, hackers and technicians. Today, he leads the interdisciplinary group’s innovative experiments, using new technologies to convey complex topics while exploring their potential for spatial communication and art.

Thomas Webb

Tech Magician

A hooded coder by day and thrilling stage performer by night, Thomas Webb is both a dystopian Black Mirror-esque visionary, and charming entertainer and storyteller. He’s able to connect and inspire his audience and leave everybody with jaws dropped. The youngest magician ever to be initiated into the magic circle, for the last five years he’s been touring the world and performing for four presidents, hundreds of celebrities as well as appearing on television in front of over 20 million people.

LIGANOVA | XI LIGAconvent | The phygital world | Thomas Webb
LIGANOVA | XI LIGAconvent | The phygital world | Susanne Klingenstein

Susanne Klingenstein

Co-Founder, YOGA13

Susanne from YOGA13, brings over 16 years' experience on the mat, using her practice to create holistic balance in all areas of life.

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