A holistic research and outlook into our future

The world is on the brink of a revolutionary digital transformation, where virtual reality is merging with the physical world at an unprecedented pace. The driving force behind this progress is data, which has become the connective tissue between all things. As we stand on the threshold of this new era, we can’t help but wonder:

What does it take to be human in 2030? What challenges and what opportunities await? And, how can we leverage the power of retail to create a brighter future?

Here are the conclusions of our experts!

As Mike Walsh, Futuristic Keynote Speaker puts it, ‘That critical aspect of what it takes to be human, really – is not going to change’. Therefore, we have found humans remain humans. And humans need social encounters. Because positive encounters with others makes us thrive. They make us flourish. Which brings us to our next question: When human flourishing is going to be the currency of the future – which drivers define the future and how do they serve our human needs?

Beyond many trends three key drivers were analyzed as being crucial in serving our needs and to drive future generations into brand spaces:

We are convinced that the following key drivers with sustainability as their baseline define the future of retail by letting people flourish.

Now, what does it take to realize it? Here’s our actionable advice:

Key Driver 01: TECHNOLOGYMake human-centered use of data & technology to enable & empower your people and to create spaces that nurture human & nature.

The absolute Empowered Consumer: Ask yourself, how can you use customer data to center your offer around their needs?

Data for an Optimized Use of Resources: How can you maximize resources and eliminate your footprint whilst creating spaces that nurture human & nature?

Contribution to Something Bigger: How will you re-define and establish your larger contribution in a changing world?

Key Driver 02: WELLBEINGCreate encounters which in their core are benefiting human nature by being havens for personal growth and health inspired by zeitgeist.

Reconsidered CI: How will your spaces look when you don’t make the rules anymore, but the deeper needs of your community do?

Hybrid Community Spaces: How will you leverage the possibilities of virtual worlds, AR and AI to design a trust driven, positive outlook for your people?

Reframed Tactility: How can you act as counterpart to the effects of an increasingly digitalized society?

Key Driver Nr. 3: SURROUNDINGSDesign fluid spaces that fulfill hyper local needs and benefit health & vitality of human & nature.

Fluid Spaces: How quick will your space be able to adapt? Is it a matter of month, weeks, days or hours?

Disruptive Formats: How will you maximize your value within limited space?

Expanded Brand Worlds & Services: When hyper local needs define your offer – what will your role be?

The key drivers we have defined cannot be considered individually. Rather, they are mutually dependent. Technologies and data can be used digitally, locally and in space to increase well-being. Be it through an empathetic environment, an improvement in performance or the targeted bringing together of people with similar values. This can create a physical place that not only responds to people individually, but also creates a sense of belonging. In this way, our three “players” benefit from each other and enrich each other in the goal of meeting our need for human encounters as pleasant as possible. One could say that 2030 represents the implementation of today’s mindset. It’s time to walk the talk.

The Future of Retail Live in Amsterdam

Initiated and hosted by our LIGANOVA Netherlands entity and analyzed and compiled by our experts at LIGANOVA, the Future of Retail 2030 presentation entails thought-provoking research outlining our vision for the future of Brand Spaces. For this, the Creative & Strategy experts of our Creative House collective and our Sustainability department, along with AI and Metaverse specialists have conducted in depth-studies and come up with fascinating conclusions. The event series was hosted for diverse clients and further included an interactive workshop that encouraged attendees to challenge and redefine their own perspectives on the future, leading to deep and surprising conversations.

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