POS Campaign – JJ's Place


The whiskey brand founded by John Jameson in 1780 has more than just a rich heritage to look back on. It is also distinguished by its unique manufacturing process: water and barley from Ireland which is distilled three times locally. This creates the typical flavor that distinguishes Jameson whisky: smooth, smoother, smoothest. A rich fundus indeed, that lent itself to communication far beyond just classic storytelling. The visual marketing campaign therefore combined very different tools and were made tangible by the use of a Living Story Idea. Travellers at selected airports were able to spend their free time exploring “JJ’s Place” – a pop-up store and tasting bar in one. A testimonial of a very special kind could also be seen here – an oversized, shiny copper Jameson whisky still, bringing the authentic world of Jameson to life!

At international airports in Spain, Ireland, UK, Holland, the USA, South Africa, Russia and India, “JJ’s Place” was a real eye-catcher. The installation was conceived, developed and implemented by LIGANOVA, as we sought to breathe new life into the Jameson brand. A pub setting with original Irish barstools and a counter made of oak, plus handmade tiles in the distinctive Jameson green, invited waiting travelers to spend their time with Jameson. Anyone taking a seat was encouraged to try the different whiskeys and listen to brand ambassadors explaining the Jameson world.

“The iconic machine tells the story of Jameson in a unique way.”

Whoever approaches the four-meter high “Iconic Machine” can start it with the press of a button: setting the bottle in motion to reveal a glance at what’s inside. Here, the triple distillation process of the Irish whiskey is impressively demonstrated using moving images and sound and light effects on a kinetically rotating cylinder – thus playfully achieving brand awareness.

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