Brand Experience – MINI Apartments at Lighthouse Hotel & Spa Büsum

LIGANOVA | MINI | Brand Experience – MINI Apartments

Creative Use of SpaceThe Power of transforming andmonolithic interior design

MINI is celebrating their cooperation with the newly opened Lighthouse Hotel & Spa in Büsum with three special MINI apartments that all have one thing in common: They’ve been designed in accordance with the brand’s traditional guiding principle, “Creative Use of Space.” The rooms are only around three meters wide and offer an impressive ceiling height of 4.5 meters. As it’s part of MINI’s brand DNA to make the most of small spaces, it was the perfect opportunity to play around with fold-out, transformable yet stylish furniture that cleverly combines all the necessities of today’s modern traveler. The rooms contain surprising elements like pieces of furniture that swing out, move around or disappear like magic into the wall.

Besides functionality and innovative interior solutions, the MINI apartments impress with a clear and modern design language that fits perfectly into the hotel’s design philosophy.

LIGANOVA was responsible for the overall concept as well as the onsite implementation. For the three apartments LIGANOVA developed two design concepts: monolithic & transforming.

All images ©Nina Struve

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